Motivational Speaking

“Believing in yourself will take you places no one else will.”


In his presentation, “How to Make Dreams Reality”, Dave shares his story about growing up with a disability and how he never gave up on himself despite the challenges he faced on a daily basis.  


At a young age, Dave knew that he had the strength and determination within himself to define all odds and pursue a career. Dave inspires everyone he meets to go after their dreams no matter what obstacles they face.


Speaking to Youth


The education students receive in school will not only shape their chosen career, but forms their attitudes and how they relate to people, as well as how they view themselves. Outside influences also play a factor in shaping these attitudes such as family, and how their friends treat them.


Their attitudes about themselves also shape their self-esteem and self-confidence. If a person has low self-esteem and self-confidence this affect how successful they are, not only in their chosen career, but in life in general. Life is not easy. Disappointing things happen to us and knowing how to react to these situations plays a vital role to who we are and to how other people treat us.


Success is not measured by how much money a person has in their bank account but is measured by a person’s integrity. Giving up when things do not go the way they're supposed to go is easy, but not giving up and pursuing a person’s dreams and goals builds a person’s character and integrity.


Dave teaches students how not to give up on themselves by telling his personal stories on how he overcame challenges living with a disability and motivating students to reach their potential.

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